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Pack of Peplums

I love a good peplum, and think that a peplum top is a nice way to add a little visual interest to a work wardrobe. They are a bit unusual and fun - I mean they are basically a kooky little skirt for your top, but I don't think that means they can't also be office appropriate. Here are two examples of how I recently wore a peplum to work.
Top | Rebecca Taylor
Cardigan | Abound
Pants | DvF
Shoes | Coclico 
     First up is a Rebecca Taylor peplum that I purchased on the RealReal. (Should you be interested, here is a link to a post I did on my tips for shopping there.) I can't find this exact top anymore (it is probably a few seasons old) but Rebecca Taylor actually has a bunch of really cute peplums right now, and I've linked to a few, through an affiliate link, below. This top has quite a few visually interesting details: the tweed texture, the striped pattern, and the band around the waist is leather. I kept the rest of the outfit streamlined: navy trousers and a black cardigan. I was thinking about wearing a peplum jacket, in order to super-size my peplum, but decided I would start in the shallow end of the pool and let just the one peplum be the focus of this outfit. For now, anyway.
     This next outfit was a casual Friday look, and features what I think is the last of my recent Amour Vert finds. The top, overall, has a much looser fit than the one above and rather than being particularly tailored, the peplum has more volume. To balance that out, I chose a more streamlined jean - I also tried this top with a flare jean, and it looked more like a costume. I love the print, the light fabric, and the shape, and plan to wear this with shorts on the weekend, while the weather stays nice. The bell sleeves and the corresponding poof are delightful and totally brightened up my day.
Top | Amour Vert
Pants | DL1961
Shoes | Cole Haan
What do you think of the peplum? Do you have one in a top, jacket, or dress?


Top | Nordstrom Collection
Jeans | Citizens of Humanity
Shoes | Paul Green
Bag | Baggu Basic Tote
     It is taking all of my restraint not to make a "on Wednesdays, we wear pink" joke (not the least of which because it is Monday). I've had a bit of a posting hiatus, but hopefully will be getting back into a rhythm soon (I mean not like the sartorial world has just ground to a halt without my astute observations, but whatever, blogging makes me happy). I think about my outfits, take the photos, and write the posts in order to capture the creativity that my clothes allow me to convey. Also, I love talking about clothes and outfits more than most people I know want to hear me do so, so I write those thoughts down here, instead. 
This outfit was really just a gravitation toward the color of the top. I've had it for a while (I believe since 2013), and it is a Nordstrom house brand, called Nordstrom Collection. It has held up very well though, and the silk is still as vibrant as ever. The pink bag was an obvious choice to pair with the blouse, even though it is sort of large for simply running errands. It is Baggu Basic Tote, which I bought last year at their SF Sample Sale. While, I like the color, and the leather is nice and soft, I do wish it had a snap or button or zipper on top. Why do people make open-top totes, is no one worried about theft or dropping things if the bag tips over? I feel the same way about it that I do towards pants with fake front pockets - put functionality into my clothing!

For some reason, I feel like my ponytail should be longer.
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Beat the Heat

Top | Amour Vert
Skirt | Banana Republic
Shoes | Paul Green
     I've paired together two recent outfits that are both drape-y, if that is even a word (quick google search produces mixed results, no hits from OED). I've recently been drawn toward clothing that is more soft and flowy, avoiding anything tight or structured. Part of this might be because of the recent heat waves the Bay Area has been having. It got up to 106 degrees in the city last weekend - the hottest ever on record. 
     Now, I know what your thinking, "my city also got up to 100+ degrees" and I hear you, and that is hot, but heat is always tough in SF because it never gets that hot, and as a result, no one has air conditioning. No A/C in your apartment. No A/C in the bogeda on the corner. No A/C in the majority of restaurants. No A/C in most coffee shops (except Starbucks which was a madhouse). I and about a thousand of my fellow city-dwellers decamped to the movies, which is one of the few places with air conditioning.
     On Tuesday, when I was back in the office, I still couldn't bear to wear sleeves or closed-toed shoes. So instead I wore this:
Top | Calvin Klein
Skirt | Amour Vert
Shoes | Coclico
This look is 100% silk, and was incredibly comfortable. I felt just like a caryatid (a stone carving of a draped female figure, used as a structural support pillar in Greek architecture). The skirt was a recent find at the Amour Vert sample sale, and is a buttery soft silk, that I purchased for only $35. I think it could also be worn to a more formal event, with the right top. The top is from ReLove, an awesome SF vintage/consignment store, and was a random find (I grabbed it to try on with pants I was thinking about buying, not being that into the shirt at all, and ended up loving it - I wear it all the time now).
I've been working diligently on my posture to combat computer slouch - I feel like it is maybe finally starting to pay off...
     This next look I obviously did not wear to the office. I may flirt with the dress-code rules on occasion, but off-the-shoulder is a hard no in our office. This is another Amour Vert top (I think there is maybe one more top I will feature and that will be all of my Amour Vert purchases, haha). The best part about this top is that the elastic has the perfect level of elasticity for me. It it tight enough that it does not slip down, and stayed in place all day, but loose enough that at the end of the day it didn't leave angry red marks on my arms. I tried it first with jeans and while that looked totally fine, I felt like dressing up a bit and went with a skirt instead. 
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Dress | J. Crew
Cardigan | Halogen
Shoes | Coclico Banks Sandal 
    When I was in college, I used to watch America's Next Top Model (aka ANTM). It was a totally batshit-crazy gem of a show that pumped out 22 seasons (or cycles, as they would call them) in a little over a decade. I did not watch all of the cycles, but I certainly saw quite a few of them. Supermodel Tyra Banks was the main host, with a rotating cast of judges that ranged from Twiggy (former supermodel herself), to Andre Leon Talley (former Vogue editor), evaluating a set of women (and apparently later men) who were vying to become, you guessed it, America's next top model. 
    I mention it here because Tyra had a lot of mantras and sayings that she would repeat to the ladies over and over, cycle after cycle. One of them was that you had to model from H2T aka from head to toe and when I was taking these pictures, I heard Tyra's voice in my head. Suffice to say, I bring all of this up because I recently got these shoes, I think they are amazing, and I wanted to try to get a good photo that showcases their beauty. H2T.


Dress | Amour Vert
Vest | Rag & Bone Ines
Shoes | Calvin Klein 
     I am always mindful to avoid looking like a restaurant waiter whenever I wear a vest, the same way I never wear a red shirt and khaki pants when I go to Target. For this particular outfit, I knew I wanted to wear this knit dress (another new Amour Vert find), and couldn't figure out what else to wear with it. My blazers were too long and made the skirt look a bit short, a sweater pulled over the dress sort of ruined the nice lines of the dress, and I didn't feel like wearing a cardigan. 
     Vest to the rescue. This vest shows off the long sleeves on the dress, the white provides a striking contrast to the navy, and, as the vest has pockets but the dress doesn't, it adds a level of functionality. Also, since the vest has lapels, it invokes the style of a blazer in a way that still looks polished, for work. I don't wear this vest very often (I was actually surprised to see that I purchased it back in 2014) but it keeps surviving my closet clean-outs because when it does work, I really love it.